I, Alissa Hansen, am a wife, artist, and mother living in the Highland’s neighborhood of Denver, Colorado.  My husband, Dan Hansen, and I share our small 1920’s home with our two lovely, energetic children.  After catching a peek at the documentary “Bag It” on PBS, we decided to challenge ourselves with a week of plastic-free purchasing.  We are not heavy consumers, especially compared to most Americans, but we thought, “we can do better”.  We wanted to see how much unnecessary plastic waste is actually created from simply buying groceries for a week.  We are both amazed at how over-packaged most things are.  You might ask, “why target plastic?”  To quote Susan Freinkel, because she sums it up so well, “We take natural substances created over millions of years, fashion them into products designed for a few minutes’ use, and then return them to the planet as litter that we’ve engineered to never go away.”  Many people we talked to about our plastic-free shopping were interested in hearing the results of our experiment.  This is where the blog came in.  We figured that would be the easiest way to document and share our experience with others.  We are not experts on plastic-free living.  Perfection is not our goal.  On this journey we hope to gain greater awareness, balance, and well-being along the way.

Dan and Alissa

view my artwork at www.alissahansen.com


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