LUSH to the rescue?

Since last summer, when we began our plastic-free adventure, I’ve been searching for the perfect answer to my shampoo dilemma.  I wanted to find an eco-friendly shampoo without plastic packaging.  At first, I happily shopped the bulk section at Whole Foods, filling my own reusable bottle with Nature’s Gate shampoo.  That seemed like the perfect solution, but my scalp needed a milder shampoo in this dry Denver air.  I read about going no-poo (not using shampoo).  I tried methods such as washing with baking soda and rinsing my hair with apple cider vinegar.  My hair looked horrible!  I stuck to the routine, though, after hearing that your hair will look awful while adjusting to the no-poo routine only to come out manageable and soft in the end.  After weeks of trying, I had to give into my shampoo again.  I was determined to ditch my shampoo and tried the no-poo routine at least three times before finally giving up.  My husband, Dan, had luck replacing shampoo with Sappo Hill bar soap.  It took a week or two for his hair to adjust and now he only needs to wash his hair with soap every three days.  I tried this as well, but had no luck.  My hair is fine and the soap seemed to weigh it down besides not helping my dry scalp.  I felt obsessed and frustrated with my shampoo search until I read about Lush.  Why had I not heard of this company before?  They sell a variety of bar shampoos without any packaging!  What is better is that they have a store here in Denver.  This weekend, I bought myself a couple of bars in hopes of finally ending my quest for the perfect plastic-free shampoo.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  I’ll keep you posted after I’ve given the new shampoo a good run.   I washed my hair with it this morning and so far, it works well.

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