Blog Hibernation?

Not unlike a tree when it loses its leaves, I fall into a sort of hibernation each winter.  Observing nature over the years has given me a welcome perspective on how I react to the changing seasons.  I’ve learned to pay attention to this change without judging it negatively.  As cold calls me to add extra blankets to the beds and days grow noticeably shorter, parts of myself become dormant and I turn inward.  My thoughts take more precedence than actions during these frigid days.  I enjoy hot cups of coffee, reading inspiring books, spending time with my family, and finding purpose and opportunities for meditation in daily housework.  Looking outside at our garden bed, which is now a plot of half-frozen soil, I can appreciate what it will be in the spring.  Though it looks barren, minus the tangled clump of green onion stalks blanketed by snow, I know better than to assume its time is over.  Because something seems less alive on the surface doesn’t mean it is void of activity.  Each season brings new growth, whether inward or outward.  When we learn to accept this rather than fight it, we can find peace and comfort in the present.  I’ll admit I don’t jump for joy at the thought of another winter, but I’m making an effort to go with the flow and find the positives each season brings.  Right now, I may be blogging at a snail’s pace, but my thoughts are quite alive.  Much like the plants around me, I feel less of a need to express myself outwardly.   We still daily reflect on reducing the amount of plastic we bring into our lives.  Some days are more successful than others, but it is a constant thought and topic in our home.  My lack of blog posts merely reflects the quiet solitude I’ve embraced for the time being.  Until springtime, when leaves sprout and flowers bloom in full fashion, I accept this inward nurturing as a part of the winter season.

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