Fried Green Tomatoes

It is October now and our garden is on its last breath.  We have plenty of green tomatoes left.  They would normally get tossed into the compost with the first frost approaching, but I wanted to find a better use for them.  I decided to try my hand at making fried green tomatoes for dinner.  I was told my grandma used to make them, so why not give it a whirl?  I used a simple recipe I found online.  I was happy that all of the ingredients it called for can be found without plastic packaging:

  • Flour and cornmeal can be purchased in paper bags or in bulk
  • Milk can be found bottled in glass (I use Morning Fresh Dairy)
  • Salt and pepper can be purchased in bulk or cardboard containers
  • Vegetable oil can be purchased in glass bottles (I use Napa Valley Naturals)
  • Breadcrumbs can be ground at home from dry bread
  • Eggs, of course, come packaged in cardboard cartons (some farmers will happily accept your empty cartons, such as Cottonwood Creek Farms here in Colorado)

This wasn’t the healthiest of meals, but it was tangy and tasty.  I’ll admit that I liked the fried green tomatoes better than the kids did, but everyone cleared their plates.

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