Shep’s Sun Pickles

sun pickles

We can’t seem to eat all of the cucumbers we grow in our garden, yet I don’t have enough ready at once to can an entire batch of pickles.  Luckily, I have my grandpa’s sun pickle recipe, which I can use for small batches of cucumbers.  I remember as a little girl helping him pick dill for making pickles.  The smell of vinegar and cucumbers still reminds me of summer visits to my grandparent’s house in Nebraska.  I wish I had paid more attention while helping with the pickling, but at least he left his recipe, vague as it is.

Shep’s Sun Pickles: (makes 1 gallon, though I convert it to use for quarts)

ingredients for sun pickles

6 C water, 2 C white vinegar, 1/3 C canning salt. (remember, these amounts are for making a gallon jar of pickles, not quarts as seen in my photos)

mixing water, vinegar, and salt

Mix water, vinegar, and salt together – DO NOT COOK.

cucumbers sliced for pickling

Slice cucumbers and remove seeds.  Being that I didn’t get around to buying grape leaves, which inhibit the cucumbers from getting too soft, I made sure to cut the ends off of the cucumbers.  Supposedly, that helps keep them crisp during the pickling process.

dill weed and garlic cloves

Put grape leaves in bottom of jar (I didn’t use any).  Add garlic and dill to taste (dill weed, not dried dill).

packing cucumbers

Add cucumbers.  Thanks to a canning lesson from my friend, Julie Crabtree, I learned to pack the cucumbers very tightly into the jar.  If you have grape leaves, place one over the top of the cucumbers.

pouring brine

Pour in the brine mixture.

place lid loosely onto jar

Place the lid loosely onto the jar.

sun pickles

Place jar in the sun for three days and three nights.  Store in the fridge.   I am not an expert on pickling, but this is how I made sun pickles based on my grandpa’s recipe.

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One Response to Shep’s Sun Pickles

  1. Peggy Shepherd says:

    Alisssa, seeing “Shep’s Sun Pickles” sure brought a smile to my face and delicious memories. Your cukes look delicious.

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