Cleaning Stubborn Soap Scum

baking soda is amazing

We have a nice roomy shower with sliding glass doors, but those doors are a pain in the rear to keep clean.  It takes a great deal of elbow grease and time to scrub off the film which inevitably builds up even after regularly using a squeegee.  We resorted to using daily shower sprays, such as Tilex Fresh Shower, to keep the glass shiny.  The bottle boasts “Just Spray & Walk Away! No Rinsing, Wiping or Scrubbing”.  Who wouldn’t want that sort of convenience?   Though I appreciated scrubbing the shower less often, I was never a huge fan of this daily spray.  I wondered what chemical scent I was inhaling along with the nonionic surfactant and tetrapotassium EDTA ingredients listed on the bottle.  When using it, I always found myself holding my breath and hopping out of the shower quickly to avoid breathing it in.  So when the bottle ran out, I was partially relieved.  I still needed a way to simplify the cleaning of this high-maintenance shower.  If baking soda cleans the shower floor and sink so well, why not try it on the glass doors?  At my own suggestion, I took a hand full of baking soda, rubbed it onto the glass doors, and rinsed with water.  Amazingly, though not surprisingly, that did the job beautifully.  Goodbye grimy shower film.

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