HUNI Farmers Market – Aug 20

HUNI Market at 15th and Boulder St.

Ok, so I’m a little late in adding this post.  It is Saturday morning, which means the HUNI Farmers Market is about to begin and I’m just now posting about last week’s market.  Such is life.  I did venture over to the market last Saturday and saw a few new things.  I first hit the tortilla booth.  I hadn’t bought any of their tortillas in past visits because they were always wrapped in plastic bags.  This time, I told the woman that I’d love to buy some tortillas but that I didn’t want to bring home any plastic.  She was happy to oblige me and wrapped the tortillas loosely in foil before I placed them in my canvas bag.  I couldn’t wait to eat them.  Unfortunately, when I got home, I realized that placed between each tortilla was a thin sheet of plastic.  Yikes!  I’ll have to say those were some of the tastiest tortillas I’ve tried and I’ll miss them this week.

I stopped by the Chipotle booth and happily accepted a two-for-one coupon.  When they offered me a water bottle, I said, “No thanks, I’m trying not to accumulate any more plastic”.  Well,  come to find out, those bottles are made of biodegradable plastic made from corn.  There are upsides and downsides to bioplastic.  The upside is that they are compostable (usually in commercial composting systems) and fewer toxic substances are released and less energy is used in their production as opposed to petroleum plastics.  The downside is that it’s difficult to distinguish them from regular plastics in the recycling mix and a small amount can contaminate the recycling of conventional plastics.  I think bioplastics are a move in the right direction assuming the consumers are well-informed about these new products and how to dispose of them properly.  On the same note, I have to share what I saw at the Naya booth.  The display pots appeared to be plastic, but were actually made of biodegradable bamboo.  Way to go Chipotle and Naya!

I made my way, once again, to the Heirloom Gardens booth.  I bought eggplant along with a recipe suggestion for honey garlic grilled eggplant.  It ended up being quite delicious.  Heirloom Gardens was also displaying their new product, goat’s milk soap.

Mari Vasel, owner of All Things Bean, was selling her adorable infant and toddler apparel.  I liked her 100% cotton burp clothes, each one lined with an uber-absorbent cloth diaper.  Next time you are looking for a fun unique baby gift, think local and shop All Things Bean.

One of my last stops was to the Dutch Valley Ranch booth.  Billie and Mark Avery raise alpacas in Bennet, Colorado and sell alpaca fleece, yarn, garments, and more.  You won’t find synthetic fibers here.  They were very friendly and said they are more than happy to have visitors stop by their ranch to learn more about what they do.   I think I’ll have to take the kids sometime.

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  1. Always great to see you at the farmers’ market, Alissa!

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