Go Ahead…Snoop Around My Bathroom

bathroom sink & medicine cabinet

I don’t know about you, but I’m often curious about the inside of other people’s homes.  Assuming you might be a bit curious as well, I thought I’d let you peek around and see a few of the plastic-free changes we’ve made in the bathroom.  Some things, like the box of cloth hankies, are not new additions.  We’ve used hankies for a long time and the supply gets replenished whenever my mom finds a great deal on the vintage variety at an estate sale.  Thanks Mom!  If you are looking for anything greatly unusual, you might be disappointed.  Our bathroom is pretty simple.  We try to keep it clutter-free, as it is the only bathroom in our house and is shared by the four of us.  Feel free to take a look around.

Dr Bronner's Baby-Mild Soap

Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Baby-Mild Soap:  I bought this bar to replace our hand soap pump.  I also use it to bathe the kids (but it is not tear-free).  It is unscented though it smells nice and clean.  I love the bamboo soap dish made by Bass.  We have another one just like it in the kitchen.  The nice thing is that if the kids accidentally drop it, it isn’t going to break.

Eco-Dent Terradent Toothbrush

Eco-Dent Terradent Replaceable Head Toothbrush:  I wrote about these toothbrushes in a previous post.  Though they are not plastic-free, they have the smallest replaceable head I’ve seen.  That greatly reduces waste and wins my approval.

Inside my medicine cabinet

Burt’s Bees Garden Tomato Toner, Jar of Baking Soda, Badger Anti-Bug Balm:  The toner comes in a glass jar, which I like.  Instead of using cotton or tissue to apply the toner, I reuse a cloth hankie.  I use the baking soda to wash my face sometimes or brush my teeth (though we still have a supply of tube toothpaste).  The Bug Balm (in the yellow tin) helps to keep mosquitoes at bay without harmful chemicals.

Box of hankies

Trusty Box of Hankies:  Like I said, we’ve used hankies for quite a while.  I keep them where the kids can easily reach them.  They make a great alternative to tissues and we throw them in the laundry with the rest of our clothes each week.  Save some trees and wipe your nose with these.

soap, scrub, shampoo

In the Shower: I found the glass salad dressing container at the thrift store and use it to store shampoo (Nature’s Gate), which I buy from the bulk section at Whole Foods.  The squatty glass jar is citrus sugar scrub made by my friend, Karen’s, sister Evalyn Parson.  On the soap dish, we have a bar of Sappo Hill Aloe Vera soap and a bar of Beeyond the Hive Mint Shaving Soap.  I’ve found that both of those bars are long-lasting and don’t get goopy on the soap dish.

Though we’ve reduced our intake of plastic, there are plenty of plastic products still lurking around our bathroom.  For instance, if you open my medicine cabinet further, you’ll find plastic tubes of toothpaste, deodorant in plastic containers, dental floss, and a tube of lotion.  I’m not pretending those items don’t exist, but rather, I just wanted to highlight some of the more eco-friendly alternatives we’ve been using.

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