Taking A Trip To The Doll Hospital

TLC Doll Hospital Edgewater, CO

Accidents happen.  Last weekend, my daughter got a porcelain doll from the thrift store using her chore money.  She quickly fell in love with that pretty doll and carried her all around the house, taking very good care of her fragile new toy.  It wasn’t long before one of the doll’s limbs came loose and fell off.  My daughter was a bit heartbroken.  I looked at the doll’s amputated stump with wire and stuffing jutting out from where the delicate porcelain limb once was.  It wasn’t something I could imagine fixing myself.  I told my daughter that we could take her to the doll hospital and that is just what we did.  Her face immediately lit up.  We headed to the TLC Doll Hospital in Edgewater and the wonderful woman working there assured my daughter that the doll could be fixed and that it wasn’t her fault it broke.  All was well.  The doll was fixed in time to pick it up after my kids awoke from their afternoon naps.  I was very pleased with the friendly service.  You don’t have to wait until something breaks to visit the shop.  They sell dolls and doll clothes as well.  When something is broken, ask yourself if it can be mended before you reach for the trash can.  Lets teach our children that not everything is expendable and that newer isn’t necessarily better.

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