Kick the Disposable Habit – Make Your Own Baby Wipes

We have used cloth diapers for both of our kids, but thinking I didn’t have the time, I hadn’t made cloth baby wipes.  I found it difficult to pass up a good coupon or sale for disposable wipes.  Also, I’ll admit that disposable wipes are extremely convenient.  The fact that I hadn’t tried reusable wipes seems ridiculous now, because I already launder the diapers each week and it wouldn’t be difficult to toss cloth wipes into the wash.  Lately, we have been going through fewer wipes as we’ve been potty training our son, though we still use them daily.  We used the last wipe this week, so instead of buying more, I looked up how to make my own cloth version (check out this site).  I took the kids and headed to Hancock Fabrics where I found an amazing deal.  There were discounted bolts of flannel in the back of the store for only $1 per yard.  Now, the bright yellow fabric bears the CU Buffs name and logo, so I’ll probably forever associate the team with baby wipes (sorry Buffs).

I decided to make the wipes 4″x8″ and a single thickness.  I edged the fabric with a zigzag stitch.  For the baby wipe solution, I mixed 1 Cup water, 1 Tbsp oil (any fruit or nut oil),  and 1 Tbsp liquid castile soap.  I didn’t have any tea tree oil around the house, or else I would have added a drop or two.  I read that it is best to make a fresh batch weekly so that it doesn’t get musty.  I had an empty spray bottle, so I filled it with the solution.  When it was time to use a wipe, I just took one from the stack and sprayed it with the solution before using it.  I then tossed it along with the dirty diaper into the diaper bin when I was done.

If you don’t wish to make your own wipes, you can buy them.  Bummas are one example (see photo to left).  Whether you make your own or buy them, I urge you to just give reusable wipes a try.  I’m so glad I am switching over from disposable wipes.  It is better late than never, right?  When your kids are out of diapers, you’ll have a bundle of cloths for cleaning up spills around the house.

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1 Response to Kick the Disposable Habit – Make Your Own Baby Wipes

  1. chrissyhf says:

    My newborn’s skin was sooo sensitive to disposable wipes. Her diaper rash is still clearing up. I think all new parents should have a few on hand. I’m glad I did when the pediatrician said we should not be using disposable. I had planned on using reusable all along…but like you, had disposable wipes that I used because we had them!

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