Finally…Our First Garden Tomato

I picked our first juicy red tomato from the garden yesterday.  We planted a bit later this year and are just now seeing the tomatoes ripen.  We’ve had plenty of cucumbers, and basil to pick, though.  It is an exciting feeling to reap what you sow.  Adults as well as kids benefit from being more connected to where their food comes from and seeing how it is grown.  It puts us in touch with the changing seasons, as locally grown foods are only available certain times of the year.  A conventional grocery store tomato, though it can be purchased year-round, can’t compare to the sweet, juicy, organic garden-variety.  Besides being delicious, home-grown produce saves you money while delivering you more nutrient-rich food.  Most of the produce we buy in stores has to travel a long way before it reaches our plate.  The taste and quality of the food suffers as a result.  There are many rewards to planting your own garden, no matter how large or small the plot.  So, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and try out your green thumb.

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2 Responses to Finally…Our First Garden Tomato

  1. Julie says:

    Remember the buckets of tomatoes that Grandpa would pick? He had so many that he had to give them away.

    • Alissa says:

      Yes, I remember all of his tomatoes. The scent of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers still reminds me of Grandpa and Grandpa’s house in the summer.

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