Relieve Summer Boredom With An Egg Carton?

Children can have a room full of toys and, amazingly, still act bored at times.  That is when you have to get creative.  Sometimes the most entertaining toys are lying around your house, disguised as everyday objects, and you don’t even know it.  Multipurpose toys allow for the most creative play.   This is why children find so much enjoyment in simple things, such as cardboard boxes, nesting cups, fabric scraps, and rocks.  In the care of a child’s imagination, boxes become cars, a stack of cups turns into a magical tower, fabric becomes a superhero cape, and rocks are transformed into little dolls.

I had two empty egg cartons and decided to put them to use as sorting activities for my kids.  I poured buttons into the flat lids and let the kids sort out the different colors and shapes of buttons into the cupped side of the cartons.  You could use beads, marbles, dry pasta, etc.  I just happened to have a bag of buttons in the house.  The kids were very excited about the new game I came up with and it entertained my two-year old for a surprisingly long time.  So, before you toss out an empty egg carton, oatmeal container, or even a toilet paper roll, ask yourself if it can be repurposed into a fun activity for your kids.

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