Dress It Up – Repurpose Your Empty Oil Bottles

I was making potato salad the other day and the recipe called for French dressing.  Being that I didn’t have any French dressing in the house, I decided to make it myself (recipe below).  Not too long ago, I had found a nice glass salad dressing carafe at the thrift store.  That carafe would have come in handy at this point, if I hadn’t already put it to use as a nifty reusable shampoo bottle (you can buy bulk shampoo in your own container at Whole Foods).  Luckily, we had just finished off a bottle of olive oil, so I had a perfect glass container for storing my dressing.   I added some dressing to my potato salad and then stored the rest in the bottle (washed first, of course).  Before you recycle your empty glass bottles, stop and ask yourself if you can give them a new purpose.  While you’re at it, whip up some easy salad dressing and skip buying it from the store.

French Dressing Recipe:

1/3 Cup Vinegar or lemon juice, 1 cup olive oil, 1/4 tsp pepper, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp paprika, 1 tsp sugar, few grains of cayenne (I didn’t have cayenne so I tossed in a dash of chili powder)

Combine all ingredients; shake or beat until thoroughly combined; chill.  Shake again each time before using.  Makes 1 1/3 cups. For a subtle garlic flavor, use vinegar in which a garlic clove has been allowed to stand for several days.

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2 Responses to Dress It Up – Repurpose Your Empty Oil Bottles

  1. Anissa says:

    Alissa…fabulous ideas!! The French dressing looks amazing and I’m so excited that you are making your own bread at home! I make a few loaves myself, usually during the winter, in a bread machine and nothing can compare to the smell of homemade bread in the mornings!! I am so proud to have such a “Green Goddess” as a friend!!

    • Alissa says:

      Thanks, Anissa. I’m still working on improving my bread-making skills. You’re right about the smell of homemade bread…it is wonderful.

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