Go Plastic-Free and Create Less Trash

After our week-long plastic-free challenge, we were amazed at the lack of trash in our kitchen garbage can.  Plastic milk rings, produce stickers, thrift-store tags, a Band-Aid, and a non-recyclable junk-mail card were the bulk of the contents.  That was an entire week’s worth of kitchen garbage!  We also decided to stop lining our trash can with a plastic bag.  Our compost at least doubled as we bought more foods in their natural packaging (fruits and veggies).  We avoided buying bread in plastic bags, plastic-wrapped tortillas, boxes of granola bars, baked goods packaged in plastic clamshells, boxed cereal, etc.  All of those foods are packaged for convenience and longer shelf-life, but they also create excess waste.  Ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” before you buy.  Over-packaging is often unnecessary and you can keep it out of landfills by not purchasing it in the first place. Challenge yourself to a week of plastic-free purchasing and see how amazing it feels to create almost no trash (and forgo the plastic liner while you’re at it).  Less is more.

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