Get Pickin’ at Berry Patch Farms

We are all familiar with the plastic clamshells and baskets that berries are sold in at the grocery store.  Most of those containers end up spending their retirement in landfills.  How can you buy berries without creating plastic waste?  You can go to a farmer’s market, and return the empty container on your next visit, or bring your own reusable basket.  We found a solution which was more fun.  My daughter and I ventured over to Berry Patch Farms in Brighton, Colorado.  It is a certified organic farm run on 40 acres.  You can pick your own berries and pay by the pound.  They even provide baskets to put your fruit in (plastic-free!).

My daughter was excited when we drove up to the farm.  “Wow, chickens!  Is this a real farm, Mom?” she exclaimed.  We headed to the barn and took a ride in the tractor-trailer which dropped us off at the rows of berry bushes.  Black raspberries and currants were in season.  We chose to pick the black raspberries.  The mosquitoes were pests, but we had a great time and my daughter wants to return for strawberries next month.  Often people, including myself, are disconnected to where most of our food comes from.  Visiting a farm is a great learning experience for adults as well as kids teaching us how our food is grown as well as what foods are in season.

I had a plan for the berries all along.  I baked them into a black raspberry pie.  The kids loved the pie and it was rewarding having picked the berries ourselves.

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