The Hunt for Plastic-Free Yogurt

Dan and the kids love yogurt, but we hadn’t bought any during this challenge.  I’ve been told that it is pretty easy to make, but I am yet to look into it.  Our favorite brands of yogurt are Mountain High and Noosa, but both are packaged in plastic tubs.  Sigh.

While shopping at Whole Foods this morning, I decided to look for the elusive glass-packaged  yogurt.  I knew it had to be out there somewhere.  To my delight, I saw a glass jar tucked between all of the plastic tubs of yogurt on the dairy shelf.  Of course, I didn’t waste time in buying a jar.  The brand is White Mountain and the label reads “Bulgarian Yogurt”.  It comes in both whole milk and low-fat.  Their yogurt is made with “no thickeners, stabilizers or added sugars and packaged in glass to avoid chemical contamination from plastics“.  Perfect!

Once home, I opened the jar and took a taste.  It was very tart, but adding a bit of honey mellowed out the flavor.  I tossed in some granola and had a delicious snack for the kids.  When the yogurt is gone, the empty jar will work perfectly as a bulk food container on my next shopping trip.

(note that the lid is plastic….can’t win them all)

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2 Responses to The Hunt for Plastic-Free Yogurt

  1. Dan says:

    From their site, “It has been White Mountain Food’s position since it’s inception that all plastics are to be avoided when it comes to food.”

    The even have a simple homemade yogurt recipe on their site using theirs as a starter.

  2. Alissa says:

    update: Sunflower Farmer’s Market now carries this yogurt. I am pleased because this store is closer to my house than Whole Foods.

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