Bake Your Own Bread…No Plastic Bags Required

We were out of bread today so I decided I would bake a couple of loaves myself.  Since beginning the plastic-free challenge, we’ve been buying loaves from the farmer’s market or the Denver Bread Company, since you can put them in your own reusable bag and not bring home plastic packaging.  While those breads are delicious (I’m partial to the whole wheat sourdough) the costs can add up.  Baking your own bread can save money.  I decided to use the whole wheat bread recipe from the “Cooking with Honey” book we bought Saturday at the farmer’s market (if you’d like a copy, stop by the Honey People booth at the next HUNI farmer’s market here in Denver).  The bread turned out very nicely and the house smelled wonderful.  Who doesn’t love the aroma of freshly baked bread?  While the bread was still warm, I had a slice with organic apple butter from Ela Family Farms.  What a treat!

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