To the Market – Week 2

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We made it through our plastic-free week.  Hooray!  Though the challenge has technically ended, I feel it is just beginning in some ways.  It is amazing to look at our nearly empty kitchen trash can and think of all of the waste we avoided creating.  I love how my body feels after eating an abundance of fresh foods.  I have more energy, which must be a miracle since my son has recently decided to boycott sleeping through the night.  This challenge has definitely made us more aware of the power of our choices as consumers.

It is Saturday again, which meant taking a trip to the Highland’s Farmer’s Market this morning.  First, we stopped by The Honey People booth and bought wildflower honey along with a honey recipe book.  I’m eying the bran muffin recipe and Dan is hoping I’ll try the bread recipe.  We went through half a jar of their honey last week.  Delicious!

Next, we stopped by the Pope Farms booth for peaches, corn, and tomatoes.  I couldn’t resist taking photos of the peaches nestled so sweetly in their wooden baskets.  We also bought produce from the Miller Farms booth.  They sell their own reusable canvas bags for $5.  If you use their Miller Farms bag, you’ll receive a $1 off your purchase.

I also chatted with Kelsey, the owner of Naya organic body care.  She creates sustainable body care products packaged in glass containers.  I sampled some of her body balm and loved it.   She also sells lip gloss, body scrub, body oil and more.  I have to agree with the philosophy of Naya …Less is More.  Learn more about this wonderful, eco-minded company at

As our kitchen trash decreased dramatically this week, our compost pile increased.  We use the service provided by Denver Composts (part of Denver Recycles), which is very convenient.  If you are interested in composting check out these links: or  (they also had a booth at the Farmer’s Market and we really enjoyed chatting with them).

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