Off to the Market

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We all know that the overuse of plastic creates an abundance of harmful waste in the environment.  Besides that, the chemicals from plastic packaging find their way into the foods we eat.  As consumers, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all of the plastic and feel that we don’t have a choice in the matter.

Dan and I decided to challenge this blind consumption of plastic.  Saturday was the first day of our week-long challenge to shop plastic-free.  That meant not buying dairy in aseptic packaging, beverages in aluminum cans, or food in tin cans.  All those packages are lined with plastic.  Our first stop was the HUNI farmer’s market here in Denver.  It is a small market in the Highland’s neighborhood where we live.  All of the vendor’s were more than happy to accommodate me in my plastic-free challenge.  Honestly, it was pretty easy to shop this way at the farmer’s market.  I bought some delicious honey from The Honey People, fresh peas from Heirloom Gardens, salami from The Pig & Block Charcuterie, fresh eggs from Kathleen at Cottonwood Creek Farms, and more.

I have to mention the company MMLocal.  They are a harvest share program supporting our local agriculture community here in Colorado.  They sell delicious local foods canned in jars (plastic free!) so that you can eat locally all year-long.  I tried their tomatoes with basil at the market and it was mouth-watering.  Please check them out at:

After leaving the farmer’s market, I headed to the In Season Local Market for a few more groceries.  In Season is a lovely little store here in Denver.  All of the items they sell are locally grown or made.  You can pick up fresh milk (in a glass bottle), produce, bread, canned food (in jars), pastured meat, and more.  They also carry soaps and lotion from Beeyond the Hive.  I did cheat on my plastic-free rule because the milk, though bottled in glass, does have a plastic lid.  My kids were pleased to have milk, though.

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2 Responses to Off to the Market

  1. Karina says:

    I am all for it but how do you keep the costs down? Are you going to do a cost comparison? That is not an excuse not be plastic-free but finances do play into all of this.

    • Good question. I plan to figure out the costs after the week is over. I’m usually very frugal with my grocery shopping and like to stick to a budget, so this week is definitely costing me more. That said, I think what we’ve been spending is very reasonable. What’s happened so far is that I haven’t bought a lot of unnecessary snack foods/beverages I might otherwise (and we don’t even buy a lot of junk food). Cooking and baking from scratch cuts costs there. When we want a snack, we grab fruit or some trail mix. I’m realizing what we can do without. I’ll be interested to see how much this plastic-free shopping week costs us.

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