We’ve Moved On…

Our year of living without plastic was a fun, enlightening, and sometimes challenging experience. Though some plastic has crept back into our lives, we’ve kept some changes from the challenge. I bring my own bags to the grocery store, we still use Lush shampoo bars, I try not to microwave my food in plastic containers, and so on. Taking on a challenge isn’t about sticking to all of the rules forever, because who would ever try anything new if that was the case? Life isn’t about being perfect. Anyway, if you are curious about what I’m up to these days (mainly trying to keep things simple), check out my blog: honestsimplicity.com

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Magic Pumpkin Again…

Halloween is near and the craving for candy is in the air.  My kids are already looking forward to The Magic Pumpkin stopping by our house to feast on piles of candy.  Follow the link to read about how we … Continue reading

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Beautify Your Block

trash from one block

We enjoy taking the kids for strolls around our neighborhood now and then after dinner.  It is a time to talk, discover nature, and bond as a family.  Each season brings new delights for the senses.  Spring brings the colors and perfume of flowers in bloom, summer sees fruit growing on trees, fall blankets the sidewalks in a rainbow of leaves, and in winter our boots crunch over the packed snow.  Though we can find much beauty on our little urban hikes, there is a downside.  I am referring to seeing litter everywhere.  We’ve turned some of our evening walks into opportunities to clean up our block.  It amazes me how quickly we fill bags with trash.  The kids are eager to help and, in doing so, have gained an awareness about the responsibility we all have to take care of our environment.  We don’t always have the forethought to bring trash bags on our walks (and honestly don’t have many to bring), but it has become a habit for us to at least notice trash when we see it.  Praising a gained awareness for litter may sound insignificant, but I believe too many people have become so used to seeing discarded bottles and cigarette butts on the ground that it no longer seems out-of-place to them.  Imagine if one family a week cleaned up their block.  Not only would that beautify our neighborhoods, but it would be a wonderful teaching opportunity for our children.

the kids help pick up trash

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LUSH to the rescue?

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Since last summer, when we began our plastic-free adventure, I’ve been searching for the perfect answer to my shampoo dilemma.  I wanted to find an eco-friendly shampoo without plastic packaging.  At first, I happily shopped the bulk section at Whole … Continue reading

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Blog Hibernation?

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Not unlike a tree when it loses its leaves, I fall into a sort of hibernation each winter.  Observing nature over the years has given me a welcome perspective on how I react to the changing seasons.  I’ve learned to … Continue reading

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Give The Gift of Your Time

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The Holidays can be a crazy time dominated by shopping, traveling, parties, post office runs, and more shopping.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  The better question might be “For whom do we do this?”  Surely, our children aren’t … Continue reading

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Less stuff, more happiness: Graham Hill on TED.com

Less stuff, more happiness: Graham Hill on TED.com. I’ve written before about the joy of finding more happiness with less stuff.  Letting go of the unnecessary things in life allows the meaningful to stand out.  Do you walk in your front … Continue reading

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